Warrior Circle

The LifeAfterWar.org Warrior Circle

Led by Britta Reque-Dragicevic, Warrior Circle is a healing program designed to empower combat veterans, firefighters, law enforcement, and EMS warriors to take charge of their own healing journey, address the impact of trauma, and discover renewal and purpose.

As your guide, I take a positive, empowered approach focused on acceptance, respect, and a radical belief that your soul innately knows how to find its way back to life. 

We have to start saving ourselves. We can only do that, together. 

Warrior Circle is your sacred space. 


You Belong Here.

In my healing work with warriors through my site, lifeafterwar.org, I've seen time and again how the feeling of isolation breaks down a warrior's defenses. 

Unlike traditional group therapy, I designed Warrior Circle to be a sacred place to set your armor down, gather with your brothers and sisters, and feel a sense of belonging. 

You are not alone in your struggle. 

In Warrior Circle, you'll address your issues on your own terms, get guidance so you can take action to heal, and chart a new path forward. 

You'll remember who you are. And grow towards who you've yet to become. 

The best version of you is not in your past. It's who you decide to be, starting now.

I'm not a therapist. I'm a healing guide and medicine woman. An ancient warrior and spirit guide. I believe in your innate ability to heal and in your power to change your life.

Even when it feels impossible to you. 

Even when you don't know how. 

Even when the mountains seem too insurmountable. 

The path to healing begins with a decision to heal. 

Make that decision now. 

Take your place in the circle.

You are safe here. You belong here. 
Welcome home. 


Weekly Calls

Membership in Warrior Circle gives you access to a weekly group call personally led by Britta. 

  • Dial in from anywhere to listen in, share, ask questions
  • Topic-led coaching that focuses on key issues warriors face -- anger, sex, suicidal thoughts, grief, finding purpose, nightmares, feeling isolated, missing war
  • We'll move through my series of Guidebooks to help you address key issues and jump start your own healing process
  • Can't attend a call? You'll get a free recording to listen to on demand

Listen to the first call recording for free.

Here's What You'll Work Through

  • Who You Are Now - you're not who you used to be, explore identity and start choosing who you want to be now
  • Your Spiritual Beliefs - trauma impacts your spiritual beliefs, uncover if your beliefs hinder or support you
  • It's All Energy - your body's energy field holds trauma, learn how it can be released
  • Your Body Speaks - your body holds trauma, discover how to make small changes to help you feel better
  • Power of Perspective - your thoughts become beliefs that keep you stuck, learn how to get free
  • Anger, Anger & More Anger - the reasons you're so angry may not be what you think, uncover the why and diffuse it
  • What to Do About Grief - grief impacts all areas of your life, from work to sex, learn how to manage it
  • Guilt & Shame - what no one wants to talk about, but so many are cut deep by, gently create some space around these
  • Coping With Those Who Don't Understand - it's hard to feel you belong when so few understand what you're feeling, learn how to deal with this
  • Making New Choices - you have the power to create your life, learn how to make choices that support you


Who is this for? 

Warrior Circle is designed exclusively for those who have been or are combat veterans, law enforcement officers, firefighters, or EMS personnel. 
While combat veterans and first responders have different experiences, the effects of trauma are often the same: insomnia, nightmares, anger, irritability, sexual issues, reliving incidents, grief... those who work in trauma-related fields get prolonged exposure.

Trauma accumulates, and often there's a stigma to letting anyone know how you feel. (They say there's not, but we all know the reality.) If you're a first responder struggling with the impact of your job, Warrior Circle is for you.
You deserve help as much as the people you serve.

What does it cost?

The price of one beer a day. 

Membership requires that you invest $20 a month as a commitment to your Warrior Self and to your healing path. 

  • $20 recurring monthly membership investment
  • Weekly coaching calls personally led by Britta
  • Topic-focused and we'll work through the Guidebooks
  • You may cancel your membership at anytime
  • Friends & loved ones can sponsor memberships for warriors, and warriors can sponsor other warriors (If you want to sponsor someone, please email me at brittareque@gmail.com first)

Listen to the first call recording for free. 


Why do I charge when all of my other warrior care work is free?

When you invest $20 a month ($5 for two hours of focused support from me each week), you're making a commitment to your own healing process.
Money is energy and it represents YOUR energy. It also represents what you value and prioritize. When you sign up for Warrior Circle and make that commitment, you are signaling to the Universe that you are serious and MOST IMPORTANTLY, you are signaling to YOURSELF that you are worth it. It's not about the money.
It's about you investing in your Self. It's about you taking charge of your own healing with an authority and power that is innately yours. 
You show up. You will be met. In ways that will change you.
It's also a way for you to give back to me. I still have one-on-one conversations for free (and always will). I know that many of you have longed for a way to show your gratitude and feel like you're able to give something in response. That's who you are. It's your heart. 
Warrior Circle is a way for you to belong, to discover your own healing process, and to be held within this circle of my presence among your brothers and sisters. 
Calls are Thursday nights at 9pm CT (calls are recorded if you can't make it). You can join Warrior Circle anytime and jump in where we are. You can also cancel anytime. 
Give yourself this. And share this opportunity with others.
We have to start saving ourselves.
We can only do that, together. 

Become a Member of the Warrior Circle

It's time you take your healing in your own hands. Warrior style. It's time to find a way to walk your path in a new way. Let's walk it together.


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